Elixir of Life – Coming October 20

We’re making a new play!

Elixir of Life will tour Bay Area parks October 20 – November 12 aboard and around FluxWagon, our mobile stage.

If you’re familiar with the Samuel Peaches Peripatetic Players, you’ll note some similarities and some differences.

Similarities: Outdoor performances with FluxWagon (our mobile stage); no one turned away for lack of funds; a story featuring a sprightly ensemble, physical comedy and songs.

Differences: The audience will follow the action around FluxWagon and other spots nearby, sometimes standing and sometimes sitting; reservations are recommended; there are themes of contemplation, grief, and mystery (as well as comedy); the story is best enjoyed by ages 9-ish and up.

On September 18, all venues will be announced, and we’ll start taking reservations.

Read more and reserve your spot here!


The Peripatetic Players present a Port Costa Flux Fest

Happening just a moment from this writing, the Peripatetic Players will conclude their 2016 tour of Shakespeare or Space Wars with a weekend-long mini-festival in Port Costa, Flux Fest ’16. We’re just pleased as punch that the Players are now officially fictionally Port Costa’s resident traveling troupe of thespians, and we’re looking forward to creating all kinds of lore and faux ephemera to document our years in that fantastic hamlet.

Here’s a collage from last fall’s performance of Romeo & Juliet in Port Costa, featuring Reece Santos’s fabulous painted proscenium in the alleyway of the Bull Valley Roadhouse:


Theater Around The Bay: An Interview With Joan Howard and Rebecca Longworth

A behind-behind-the-scenes look at the inspirations for AESOP AMUCK and O BEST BELOVED…

San Francisco Theater Pub

Sam Bertken steps in to guest write and interview Joan Howard and Rebecca Longworth, the producing/directing team behind “Aesop Amuck.”

A few weeks ago, I took some time after a weekend rehearsal to sit down with Rebecca Longworth and Joan Howard, the collaborative force that founded Samuel Peaches’ Peripatetic Players, winners of the 2013 Best of SF Fringe Award for “O Best Beloved,” a devised adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories. Sprawled cross-legged on the mats at the Main Street Theater in the Excelsior, I got to know more about what drove them to start the company, the source of their passion for children’s theater, and why audience participation might not be something to dread.

SB: What in particular draws you to staging children’s literature, adapting them for the stage?

RL: What draws me to children’s literature… I think, because it’s imaginative and kind of magical without necessarily…

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