About Us

Idiot String is a collaboration between theatremakers Joan Howard and Rebecca Longworth, dedicated to creating new works of ensemble theatre that are accessible to a broad audience and inspire creativity, engagement in the physical world, and connection between people.

Under the Idiot String umbrella, we have hosted and created new work through the Physical Theatre Salon at Main Street Theatre, for the San Francisco Fringe Festival, and aboard our moblie stage, FluxWagon.

We create plays featuring music and ingenious low-tech theatrical magic, including mechanical props and scenery and inventive physicality. For the past two summers, we have performed our shows on outdoors on FluxWagon, our mobile stage that folds up to look like a gypsy wagon and can be towed from location to location. Designed by Joan Howard, FluxWagon features a trapdoor, a pulley system and a scrolling backdrop rig to add magic to its sets. On FluxWagon we have performed our two mainstage productions, O Best Beloved and Aesop Amuck, both family-friendly adaptations of children’s literature starring our eccentric troupe of travelling thespians, the Samuel Peaches Peripatetic Players. Both shows have toured to parks and public spaces throughout the Bay Area.

Our work engages audiences with highly entertaining interactive performances that incite delight and spontaneous community wherever we appear. We seek to provoke audiences into a more complete engagement with daily life by disrupting the habit of taking public space and everyday objects and events for granted. Whether performing in a theatre, on the street, or in the open air, Idiot String creates opportunities for joyful shared experience and participatory fun.

We are currently developing a new play for FluxWagon called Elixir of Life, based on apocryphal tales of a travelling snake-oil salesperson.