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Thanks to donors like you and the generous support of our sponsors and charitable organizations, Idiot String creates new plays and offers workshops to schools and the general public. We keep our prices low — when we’re not performing for free — and always aim to surprise, delight, and connect folks to one another.

COVID-19 is here, and we need your support more than ever.

There are so many asks for your support right now — all from worthy arts organizations, many much bigger than Idiot String, and many with more extensive programs including education departments, producing several shows per year, playing arts administrators their salaries and benefits, and sometimes caring for a collection of buildings.

why support Idiot String? 

Perhaps the Peripatetic Players shows are a highlight of your summer.

Maybe you had a surprising or unique experience at Port Stories or Elixir of Life.

It could be that you want to be sure all families in your neighborhood have access to free plays at their local park.

A few of you might feel that the health of the arts in the Bay Area is dependent on a wide variety of organizations, and notice how a little company like Idiot String plays a vital role in a complex and vibrant arts ecosystem.

Or you believe, like us, that connecting people through joyful shared experience and participatory fun can change the world!

#POOOC2020 — now through April 9

Even when we can’t gather folks together, Idiot String and the Peripatetic Players are dedicated to creating surprising, delightful adventures for you, starting with this year’s Particularly Obstinate Online Obstacle Course — #POOOC2020 — an at-home Obstacle Course adventure!

Idiot String is a small and nimble organization. When we’re done sheltering-in-place, we hope to pick up where we left off. If we can, we’ll bring you an opportunity to gather with friends and neighbors this summer in a public park for A Lord Of A Ring: The Extend-ish Edition, our two-part trilogy that we’re currently developing. It’s hard to know what the future will hold, but we do know that we’ll keep creating, with our phenomenal band of professional artists whose time, talents, and extensive training are worth far more than the pay we offer them. 

When we create and collaborate, we have one mission: to connect people to one another through surprise, delight, joyful shared experience, and participatory fun. If we can’t gather people together to do that, we’ll find ways to connect folks who are in isolation, bring surprise and delight to quarantine, and participate playfully while sheltering-in-place. 

Your help will make it possible for us to continue.

Donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, Independent Arts and Media.

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CHEERS! Casey Robbins as Ernest O’Connor and Kristen Matia as Anita with an audience member at Elixir of Life (2017).