Port Stories (2019)


Did you feel it? Odd things happen after earthquakes. Some say that cracks in time open up, just like the cracks in the earth. Folks can slip through the fissures, especially if they’re on their way to somewhere else. Especially if they’re far from home.

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Port Stories is an interactive, site-specific performance adventure created by the ensemble and performed throughout downtown Port Costa and at the historic Port Costa School June 8-30, 2019.

Though fictional, Port Stories is inspired by the history of Port Costa and nearby communities, and themes that resonate there, including:

  • Migration and displacement
  • Reckoning with acts of nature like wildfires and earthquakes
  • The physical landscape of the Carquinez Strait and the hills surrounding town
  • The ways stories are kept, told, and passed down in families and communities

Like all of Idiot String’s productions, Port Stories engages the audience with clear and friendly invitations to interact with the actors and action of the show. 

Read more about the creation of Port Stories on our blog.

CREDITS & Thanks

Detail of “Cora’s Tiny World” by Bethany Mann

cast & creative team

Director – Rebecca Longworth

Designer – Joan Howard

Performers – Julie Douglas, Joan Howard, Linda Maria Girón, Leigh Rondon-Davis,
Kenny Scott, Marlene Yarosh

Dramaturg – Soren Santos

Writers – Linda Maria Girón, Tessa Maurer, Baela Tinsley

Stage Manager – Tessa Maurer

Sound Consultant – Liz Silver

Bespoke Costuming – Samuel Spurrier

Costume Consultant – Addie McDowell

Chalk Artist – Hillary Kantmann

Tiny Worlds Artists – Bethany Mann, Leigh Rondon-Davis, Joan Howard, Marie Morley,
Soren Santos, Wendy Addison

Marlene Yarosh as Wanda with audience members in PORT STORIES. Photo by Serena Morelli, at the Burlington Hotel.

special thanks

This show has been made possible by contributions great and small from a huge number of people, including board members of the Port Costa Conservation Society, who care for this school building and invited Idiot String to be artists-in-residence; the Crockett Community Foundation, who have sponsored reduced-price tickets; The East Bay Fund for Artists; the Edward J. Daly Foundation; and countless community members, local artists, and local business owners, including…

Jeff Wilson     Ridge Greene     Earl Flewellen     Ron McKeever     Hillary Kantmann        Wendy Addison     Jan Mackenzie-Ely     Sarah Louise Humann     Patricia Austin     
Casey Robbins     Aurora Theatre Company     the shop at Bay Area Children’s Theatre
…and many, many more kind souls, Port Costans, and YOU!



“Arts In Review” on KALX 90.7 FM, June 13 2019

Interview with director Rebecca Longworth, performer/creator Leigh Rondon-Davis, and co-hosts Gregory Scharpen and Stephanie Kalem:

Napa Valley Register, June 12 2019

Idiot String presents ‘Port Stories,’ interactive theater adventure in Port Costa [Link / PDF]

SF Chronicle Datebook Pick, June 9 2019

Tiny East Bay town a theatre destination – by Lily Janiak [Link / PDF]

East Bay Times Pick, June 3 2019

Discover Port Costa in new interactive theater piece – by Sam Hurwitt [Link / PDF]

NoProscenium.com, May 29 2019

Exploring the Concept of Home in the Site-Specific ‘Port Stories’ [Q&A] – by Brian Resler [Link / PDF]

KFJC 89.7 FM, April 30 2019

Interview with Rebecca Longworth and host Ariya Amin


Enjoy these production and pre-production photos of Port Stories. For a high-resolution file, just click the image. Please note that photos may be re-published by press only, and must credit the actors, production, and photographer. All rights reserved.

PORT STORIES poster art by TBD* design studio

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