A precursor to our Fluxwagon

The Portable Theatre's Proscenium Stage

Check out this article on the WPA’s mobile stage:

Free Theatre! (Courtesy of Uncle Sam).

With many thanks to Nikloas for sending along this link!


City Creature on the Cascades

For Hatch, I created a site-specific solo piece called City Creature on the Cascades based on City Creature research and musings. It was created and staged on February 28, 2015 at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. Enjoy photos and what I could re-create of the script at the link to the Hatch Performance Collective’s website.

O Best Beloved

Crocodile, Elephant and Fever Trees, August 16 2014 at Precita Park, San Francisco. Photo by Serena Morelli.

O Best Beloved Website

Step right up, Best Beloveds! Satiate your curiosity about how the Camel got her Hump, the Elephant her Trunk, or the Kangaroo his Boundful Stride. 300% educational, verily full of veracity, and incompletely guaranteed! O Best Beloved is a wild and ruckus ensemble adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories.

Premiere: 2013 San Francisco Fringe Festival

Best of Fringe Award | Stuart Excellence in Theatre Award – Best Directors, Joan Howard and Rebecca Longworth

Summer Tour 2014 aboard FluxWagon

Theatre Bay Area CA$H Grant | Awesome Foundation Grant

O Best Beloved Website