Elixir of Life – Coming October 20

We’re making a new play!

Elixir of Life will tour Bay Area parks October 20 – November 12 aboard and around FluxWagon, our mobile stage.

If you’re familiar with the Samuel Peaches Peripatetic Players, you’ll note some similarities and some differences.

Similarities: Outdoor performances with FluxWagon (our mobile stage); no one turned away for lack of funds; a story featuring a sprightly ensemble, physical comedy and songs.

Differences: The audience will follow the action around FluxWagon and other spots nearby, sometimes standing and sometimes sitting; reservations are recommended; there are themes of contemplation, grief, and mystery (as well as comedy); the story is best enjoyed by ages 9-ish and up.

On September 18, all venues will be announced, and we’ll start taking reservations.

Read more and reserve your spot here!

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