Thank You, Supporters!

We are so grateful for the generous support of our sponsors, funders, and donors like you.

Individual donors – 2020

Aaron Almanza
Michael Cohen
Roy Conboy
Eve & Logan De Ley
Laura Dillon
George Doeltz
Cassidy Edstrom
Christa Edwards
Dina Elisan
Basil Fraysse & Claire Slattery

Ridge Greene
Megan Hillard
Jane Howard
Robert Howard
Judy & Ron Longworth
Kristen Matia
Lisa Mikulchik
Henry Mobley
Patricia Pierce
Patrice Robbins
Leigh Rondon-Davis

Soren Santos
Tiffany Schaefer
Mary-Elizabeth Sobczyk
Erin Suth
Diane Stewart
E. Carmen Torres
Jennifer Torresen
Jeffrey Wilson
Marlene Yarosh


East Bay Fund for Artists at the East Bay Community Foundation commissioned our original site-specific play in Port Costa, Port Stories, that premiered in June 2019.

The Crockett Community Foundation is supporting our residency in Port Costa, including a program of in-school workshops for the John Swett Unified School District, our 2019 Port Costa Workshop Series, local advertising for our activities, and deeply discounted tickets for local residents.

The Edward J. Daly Foundation sponsored props, costumes and scenic elements for Port Stories.

The TBD* Studio at California College for the Arts designed a new identity package for Idiot String, including our fabulous new logo, and designed posters and postcards for Port Stories.

The Alameda County Arts Commission has provided ongoing support to Idiot String since 2018.

Our ongoing gratitude to Port Costa’s Hotel Burlington and Bull Valley Roadhouse, who have fed and housed us while we create and perform!

Idiot String is fiscally sponsored by Independent Arts and Media, a San Francisco nonprofit organization dedicated to building community through media and the arts. Our residency in Port Costa is sponsored by the Port Costa Conservation Society.