Samuel Peaches Peripatetic Players

The Peripatetic Players performing Shakespeare or Space Wars at Precita Park in San Francisco, 2017.

Samuel Peaches’ Peripatetic Players arrived in at the San Francisco Fringe Festival in Fall, 2013, with a trunkload of tall tales of world travel. Since then they have toured to theatres, schools, parks, and public spaces around the Bay Area, usually aboard FluxWagon, their folding mobile stage.

The Players themselves are a band of eccentric thespians who cast themselves in each production that they create. Their summer tours, which have become a beloved tradition in many communities, include:

  • A Lord Of A Ring In A Suitcase (2019)
  • Shiver We Timbers: a pick-yer-own pirate adventure (2018)
  • Shakespeare or Space Wars (2016 & 2017)
  • An improvised command performance of Romeo & Juliet (2015)
  • Aesop Amuck (2015)
  • O Best Beloved (2013 & 2014)

Wherever they travel, the Peripatetic Players present playful productions full of music, ridiculous comedy, and a do-it-yourself aesthetic that appeals to and inspires audiences of all ages. The Players prioritize interacting with their audiences before, during, and after the production, from one-on-one conversations to enlisting groups to participate in the show. Their appearances in neighborhood parks, offered free to the public and without electronic amplification, are designed to create a sense of immediacy and wonder that is accessible to all.

The Peripatetic Players in A Lord Of A Ring In A Suitcase (2019)

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