Elixir of Life (Fall 2017)

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Who Will Buy?

Against a backdrop of an ornately carved wooden bar decorated with barren branches, Josephine, dressed in dark lace with a locket at her neck, receives a drop of mysterious liquid from Doctor Vitae, who wears a top hat and gently holds a vial.
Maria A. Leigh as Josephine & Julie Douglas as Doctor Vitae in ELIXIR OF LIFE. Photo by Serena Morelli
Come with us to Port Promise, California,

a late-Victorian outpost where mysteries are part of the fabric of life and an old-fashioned tonic might do a body good. When a traveling Snake-Oil Seller comes to town with an Elixir full of promises, each of the Port Promise townsfolk come face to face with the prospect of a miraculous second chance.

Performed outdoors on Autumn evenings near dusk—when the separation between the physical world and the spiritual world is said to be at its most delicate—Elixir of Life elicits laughter, contemplation, and a sense that anything is possible.

Elixir of Life will be performed outdoors on FluxWagon, our mobile stage. Audience members of all ages are welcome, but Elixir of Life is best enjoyed by ages 9 and up.

Performed October 20 – November 12, 2017 in Bay Area parks and public spaces

Friday performances are at 6:30pm. Saturday and Sunday performances begin approximately one hour before sunset. Click here for a full schedule.

Reservations are recommended — click here to reserve your spot.