Aesop Amuck

Samuel Peaches’ Peripatetic Players Present


Travelling the Bay Area aboard the trusty FluxWagon, August 1-23 2015

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Crocodile, Elephant and Fever Trees, August 16 2014 at Precita Park, San Francisco. Photo by Serena Morelli.

O Best Beloved

Step right up, Best Beloveds! Satiate your curiosity about how the Camel got her Hump, the Elephant her Trunk, or the Kangaroo his Boundful Stride. 300% educational, verily full of veracity, and incompletely guaranteed! O Best Beloved is a wild and ruckus ensemble adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories.

Physical Theatre Salon at Main Street Theatre

We founded the  Physical Theatre Salon at Main Street Theatre in 2013 as a gathering place for local physical theatre makers to have a drink, talk about art, see some performances, and be creative together. Please visit the Physical Theatre Salon on Facebook for upcoming events.

Port Stories (June 8-30, 2019)

AN EARTHQUAKE HAPPENED LAST NIGHT. Did you feel it? Odd things happen after earthquakes. Some say that cracks in time open up, just like the cracks in the earth. Folks can slip through the fissures, especially if they’re on their way to somewhere else. Especially if they’re far from home. Port Stories is an interactive, […]

Shakespeare or Space Wars

What happens when Mr Peaches and Thumper can’t agree on which play to produce? Why, the Players suggest they can do both, of course! The Samuel Peaches Peripatetic Players star in two star-crossed classics: SHAKESPEARE OR SPACE WARS #SPPPSSW premiered during our 2016 Bay Area parks tour, with a remount tour July 8 – August […]